Toby Knops, Peter Michael Marino and The Peoples Improv Theater, are pleased to announce their newest venture:  SOLOCOM NYC.

SOLOCOM is a celebration of the many hilarious performers who have decided to let themselves and themselves alone speak for their work – solo sketch artists, storytellers, stand ups and more.  A celebration of those brave souls who take the stage by themselves to make their audiences laugh.  Best of all all of this material will be premiering for the first time.  Every show will be brand new!  Brand new!? Yes, we are going to make this the biggest celebration of new comedic solo work that NYC has to offer.

Join the fun all day and night on November 9th & 10th at The PIT. 123 East 24th St. Between Park and Lexington Avenues.  Super close to the subways, the buses and every cabbie knows how to get here.
Who the heck is in it? Check out our awesome lineup:

Saturday Nov 9th

3pm: Stephen McCarthy (15mins CHARACTERS) / Leila Ben-Abdallah (25mins SOLOSHOW) | TICKETS
4pm: Brandon Hackett (30mins SKETCH) / Toby Knops (15mins IMPROViSED SOLOSHOW) | TICKETS
5pm: Shannon DeVido (20mins STAND UP) / Chris Pappas (30mins STORYTELLING) | TICKETS
6pm: Lauren Maul (45mins SOLOSHOW) | TICKETS
7pm: Tim Intravia (45mins SOLOSHOW) | TICKETS
8pm: Ali Farahnakian (45mins SOLOSHOW) | TICKETS
9:10pm: Fara Greenbaum (15 mins STAND UP) / Paul Thomas (50mins SOLOSHOW) | TICKETS
10:30pm: Abby Holland (25mins SOLOSHOW) / Matthew Robert Gehring (30mins CHARACTERS) | TICKETS
11:30pm: COJONES hosted by Peter Michael Marino (VARIETY) | TICKETS

2pm: Brad Stuart (15mins CHARACTERS) / Cayla Merrill (15mins CHARACTERS) / Jillian Green (15mins STAND UP) | TICKETS
3pm: Nhu An Do (30mins MUSICAL STORYTELLING) / Victor Verhaeghe (30mins STORYTELLING) | TICKETS
4:10pm: Amanda Erin Miller (30mins SKETCH) / Daniel Shar (25mins SKETCH) | TICKETS
5:20pm: Tim Racine (30 mins SOLOSHOW) / Elyssa Rosen (15mins SOLOSHOW) | TICKETS
6:30pm: John Early (15mins STAND-UP) / Katie Hartman (30mins SOLOSHOW) | TICKETS
7:40pm: Adam Hamway (15mins CHARACTERS) / Zach Bornstein (15 mins STAND UP) / Dan Allemann (15 mins SOLOSHOW) | TICKETS
8:35pm: Charla Lauriston (20mins MULTIMEDIA) / Sarah Grace Welbourn (30mins SKETCH) | TICKETS
9:30pm: Tracey Petrillo (30mins SKETCH) / Keisha Zollar (15mins SOLOSHOW) | TICKETS
10:30pm: Brad Lawrence (60mins STORYTELLING) | TICKETS

Sunday Nov 10th
3:05pm: Kambri Crews (45mins STORYTELLING) | TICKETS
4pm: When Solo Worlds Collide  (60mins PANEL DISCUSSION) | TICKETS
5pm: Mark Giordano (15mins STAND UP) / Mark DeMayo (45mins SOLOSHOW) | TICKETS
6:10pm: Vicky Kuperman (15mins STAND UP) / Becky Flaum (30mins SOLOSHOW) | TICKETS
7:20pm: Dinah Berkeley (10mins CLOWN) / Adam Auslander (40mins PHYSICAL COMEDY) | TICKETS
8:10pm: Kelly Fitzpatrick (15mins CHARACTERS) / Andrew Kimler (15mins CHARACTERS) / Brian Frange (15mins STAND UP) | TICKETS
9:10pm: David Carl (45mins SOLOSHOW) | TICKETS

2pm: Charles Sanchez (30mins STORYTELLING) / Julia Wiedeman (30mins STORYTELLING) | TICKETS
3:10pm: Lucie Pohl (25mins SKETCH) / Sarah Grodsky (30mins SOLOSHOW) | TICKETS
4:20pm: Michelle Ciotta (15mins SOLOSHOW) / Darcy Burke (30mins SOLOSHOW) | TICKETS
5:20pm: JiJi Lee (30mins STORYTELLING) / Meg Griffiths Anderson (30mins SOLOSHOW) | TICKETS
6:30pm: Angel Yau (25mins SKETCH) / Billy Domineau (30mins SOLOSHOW) | TICKETS
7:40pm: Nathaniel Bates (30mins STORYTELLING) / Matt Barats (15mins CHARACTER SKETCH) | TICKETS
8:50pm: Harmon Leon (60mins STORYTELLING) | TICKETS