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Sumbmissions Closed!

Entries are now closed for the 2014 NYC Sketch Festiv

Invitations will be going out soon.  Keep an eye on your emails.

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One More Day!

You can debate wearing white after Labor Day.  But there’s no debating this: Submissions close at Midnight Sunday.  Don’t delay!  Get your application in now!

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Submissions now OPEN!

We are thrilled to announce that submissions are now OPEN for the New York City Sketch Festival 2014!

Building off of last years festival, we will add another venue into the mix. This Theater on 29th Street will be added to insure even more performance opportunities for groups this year.

Get your submissions in NOW. The deadline is August 31st! Get them in by August 24th to keep the earlybird application fee of $25, after that it goes up to $30.

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Keep your eyes peeled here for submission information for NYC Sketch Festival 2014!

Year 3 promises to be even more exciting with an additional new stage!  More performance opportunities!  More fun!


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Thank you!

Here’s a HUGE thank you to all the performers, writers, technicians, staff, bartenders, interns and audience members who helped to make the New York City Sketch Festival an amazing success.

I am constantly humbled by the generosity and talent of all the hilarious artists that grace the stage, and this year was no different.  Keep making great work, and I can’t wait to see what the next year brings.

Toby Knops (Festival Producer)

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Its the final day of the 2013 NYC Sketch Festival

Don’t close your eyes cause you don’t want to miss a thing.

Sunday, October 6th

2pm - Girls With Brown Hair (NYC) / Sandwich (NYC)  |  TICKETS
3:15pm - Big Cheese (NJ) / Plays [well] with others (NYC)  |  TICKETS
4:30pm - Fun Car (Toronto) / Fat Kids (NYC, Magnet)  |  TICKETS
5:45pm - Drew’s Tumbler (Chicago)  / You Gotta Be F*ing Kidding Me  (NYC)  |  TICKETS
7pm - Damn Family (NYC)  |  TICKETS
8pm - Festival Workshop Show:  The PIT Writer’s Room
9:15pm - Bridge and Tunnel (NYC) / City Hall (NYC)  |  TICKETS
10:30pm - Nerds on Fire (NYC) / On The Pot (NYC)  |  TICKETS

2pm - Duncan & Binu (NYC) / Business Computer (NYC, Tank)  |  TICKETS
3:30pm – Christine & Kelly’s Comedy Bonanza (NYC) / Pirate Sugar (NYC)  |  TICKETS
5pm - Pat & Mary (NYC) / New Swayze (NYC)  |  TICKETS
6:30 - Listen, Kid (NYC) / Cockadoodle Don’t (NYC)  |  TICKETS
8pm - Paid Vacation (NYC) / Breakfast For Dinner (NYC, Magnet)  |  TICKETS
9:15pm - Shadows (NYC, QSIC) / Risky Bottom (NYC, Magnet)  |  TICKETS
10:30pm - Desperate Times (NYC) / The Damned Truth (NYC)  |  TICKETS

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