What’s it like at the Festival?

This year’s NYC Sketch Festival will probably welcome over 2,000 patrons over its four days of performances. The two stages at The Peoples Improv Theater, each max out at a little over a hundred people, so this is A LOT.  The lobby bar area gets packed full of people talking comedy, thinking about comedy and even doing comedy.   Our amazing staff, volunteers and interns help to get everyone in as orderly as possible.  Expect lines to be out the door as shows are constantly starting every half hour.   You’ll want to get in line to make sure you get a seat, as they are first come first serve, and while we love the chaos, we also love pretty lines that let people get both in and out of our spaces nice and easy.  We ask that you leave the spaces as orderly as you came in.  Usually through one of our secondary exits.  Listen to the nice people in Black and Red.  They are there to help you.

Who should we see?

You can buy a Festival Pass to see as many shows as possible, and we think that is the best value for your dollar, but if you only can see one or two shows, we can’t pick for you!  There will be amazing groups locally from NYC and all over the US and beyond.  Check out those out of town teams, as you might not see them again.  Some of our locals don’t perform too often together.  Take a look at their show pages, print out the pictures and put them on a dart board.  Go to the one you hit.  It’ll be great.

Can we get drinks?

The Peoples Improv Theater has an absolutely beautiful bar called The Love Bar.  Fully stocked for whatever you are thirsty for.  And yes, you can bring your drinks into the theater!

What time should we get there?

If you’re only coming to see shows, we recommend coming about 20 minutes beforehand.  You can grab a drink in the bar, pick up your tickets and listen for the announcement to line up.  Whatever you do, don’t be late! Late arrivals will be admitted at the discretion of the Sketch Festival staff. (But unless it’s sold out, they’ll let you in.)

How’s parking?

Parking in the area can be very difficult.  There is a parking lot right next door, but this is New York!  We’re right around the corner from the 6 Line, and not too far from the NR.  Cabs are great and have you heard of CitiBike?  We’ve got a parking station one block away from us…on both sides!  A CitiBikie Sandwich!

Can we hang out after the show?

We love it!  Did you really enjoy that show you just saw?  You’ll probably be pressed up against the performers afterwards if you decide to spend your time here.  If its too crowded, we have another beautiful bar that will be offering drink specials to Sketch Festival attendees and participants.  Pioneers Bar on West 29th Street between 6th and 7th avenues is a gorgeous open Bar.  They’ll even take the cost of your cab off your tab!  Check it out HERE.