After  pouring over a record number of submissions, we are very proud to announce this years schedule for the New York City Sketch Festival.

Check it out below and you can also find it up in the link above aptly named ‘Schedule’.  Tickets will be available this week!

Congratulations all, and see you in October!


Thursday, October 3rd

Striker Theater (PIT Upstairs Theater)

7pm - Garlic Jackson (NYC)
8:30pm - Gentlemen Party (NYC)
10pm - Bellevue (NYC, UCB) / Totally, Yes! (NYC, PIT)
11:30pm - Drunk Girls in Heels (NYC)

PIT Underground

6:30pm – Mani Pedi (Philly) / Hot Buffet (NYC)
7:45pm - Frange & Stern (NYC)  / Citizen Models (NYC, Magnet)
9pm - The Intecollectuals (LA) / Onassis (NYC, UCB)
10:30pm - Hammerkatz (NYU)
11:30pm - Cosmo Brown (NYC) / Dispacho (NYC, Magnet)

Friday, October 4th


6pm – Pens & Pencils (A Sketch Comedy Jam)
7pm – Pop Roulette (NYC)
8:30pm - Boat (NYC)
10pm - SLAPFIGHT (NYC, PIT) / Beige (NYC, UCB)
11:30pm - FUCT (NYC)


6:15pm - Duct Tape Revolution (Boston) / Fratwurst (Toronto)
7:45pm - PulpRiot (NYC) / The Leftovers (SF)
9:00pm - The Rocket Scientists (Toronto) / Buzz Off, Lucille (NYC)
10:15pm - Daring Daulton (Philly) / We’re Matt Weir (NYC)
11:59pm - Big Brother and the Thought Police (NC) / Shock T’s (Chicago)
1am - ROCKtoberfest (Earth)

Saturday, October 5th

12:30pm- Sketch Writing Panel
2:00pm - PITtv (NYC, PIT)
3:15pm - High Dramma (Philly) / The Leftovers (SF)
4:30pm - The Bilderbergers (NYC)
5:45pm - The Intecollectuals  (LA)
7pm - National Scandal (NYC, PIT) / Stone Cold Fox (NYC, UCB)
8:30pm - Elephant Larry (NYC)
10pm - Ned & Dave (Toronto) / Arthur Meyer:  Rock and Roll (NYC)
11:30pm - Astronaut Theatre (NYC/Chicago)


2pm - Chupacabra Conspiracy (NYC) / Mrs. Peanut (Mass.)
3:15pm -  Every Day Xmas (NYC)  / Chocolate Cake City (Boston)
4:30pm - Brick Penguin (DC) / Unctuous Child (NYC)
5:45pm – The Outfit (NYC) / sure sure sure (NYC)
7pm - Marina & Nicco (NYC) / The Reception (Toronto)
8:15pm - Coker & Stratton (NYC) / Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting (NYC)
9:30pm - Outlaw, Kansas (NYC) / Snack Boys (Chicago)
11pm - Murderfist (NYC)

Sunday, October 6th

2pm - Girls With Brown Hair (NYC) / Sandwich (NYC)
3:15pm - Big Cheese (NJ) / Plays [well] with others (NYC)
4:30pm - Fun Car (Toronto) / Fat Kids (NYC, Magnet)
5:45pm - Drew’s Tumbler (Chicago)  / You Gotta Be F*ing Kidding Me  (NYC)
7pm - Damn Family (NYC)
8pm - Sketch Festival Class Show
9:15pm - Bridge and Tunnel (NYC) / City Hall (NYC)
10:30pm - Nerds on Fire (NYC) / On The Pot (NYC)

2pm - Duncan & Binu (NYC) / Business Computer (NYC, Tank)
3:30pm – Christine & Kelly’s Comedy Bonanza (NYC) / Pirate Sugar (NYC)
5pm - Pat & Mary (NYC) / New Swayze (NYC)
6:30 - Listen, Kid (NYC) / Cockadoodle Don’t (NYC)
8pm - Paid Vacation (NYC) / Breakfast For Dinner (NYC, Magnet)
9:15pm - Shadows (NYC, QSIC) / Risky Bottom (NYC, Magnet)
10:30pm - Desperate Times (NYC) / The Damned Truth (NYC)